Lineup Trackers

As I continue to dive deep into the niche that is lineup tracking and monitoring, my goal is to be one of, it not, the go-to resource for lineup information. Here are a couple of tools to give you an edge in lineup tracking.

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Note: Both charts are best utilized on a computer. Mobile devices won’t be very user friendly.

Spring Training Lineup Tracker

It’s that time of the year again. Spring Training is among us and we get to monitor lineups and look for trends to get an early edge on these drafts. We sift through the daily lineups, make notes and relay any info we find from managers through articles, twitter or any other social media platform regarding lineup spots.

Spring training lineup tracker located HERE – Click the link to be redirected.

MLB Lineup Tracker

This is a free tool as well on tableau covering in-season lineups. It has various uses. There is an article laying out its functions as well as a tutorial video coming soon. Here is the article if you are interested (READ NOW). If not, simply feel free to click the link below and start playing around with it.

MLB Lineup Tracker located HERE – Click the link to be redirected.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on ways to improve either chart, reach out to @Mike_Kurland on twitter.