Lineup Takeaways: what to expect from the this daily article

Mike Kurland continues daily recap of all things lineups as we enter the regular season. We hope you enjoy this concept and find it helpful!

For those who follow me for my lineup work over at The Athletic, from Twitter or the lineup tracker this spring training, welcome! This is simply a way to continue giving lineup monitoring tidbits daily from the previous day’s games. This article is simply outlining what to expect. And again, this will be a daily recap piece.

There will be a continuation of the daily lineup notes but it will be exclusively on the Patreon. We offer a lot of exclusive content over there so feel free to check that out. Otherwise, let’s get into what to expect from this article daily.

Lineup Takeaways

This is simple. I will give you the top 3 most notable takeaways from the day prior. It could be something as simple as someone possibly platooning to someone getting the odd leadoff appearance that we should keep an eye on.

We’re Going Streaking

Real original of a name, I know. This is just a spot to highlight three players who are running hot and three Players of note running hot and/or cold that deserve out attention and the potential fallout from it all.

On The Peripheral

This is simply a spot to drop a name or two playing often that are deep league relevant and why they are intriguing to me and belong on your watch list at the very least.

Notable Injuries and Lineup Fallout

The title of this section says it all. We will breakdown the most notable injuries from the day prior and discuss those who gain from the increased opportunity.

We hope you enjoy this new daily concept. If you have questions please follow and reach out on Twitter. You can reach me @Mike_Kurland.

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